Video games a curse or a blessing psychology essay

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Video games a curse or a blessing psychology essay

A Blessing or a Curse? A Creative Outlet For right-brained children, video games and computers are one of the possible creative outlets that are foundational to building their universal gifts of extraordinary imaginations and pictorial thinking.

Visual media have provided opportunities for visual, spatial and imaginative development in many of my right-brained children. It has been used as inspiration on the path to writing, a love of history, and computer programming.

Many of us understand the benefits of eye-hand coordination, problem solving, and inference. Computer and video games have inspired my artist son resulting in a variety of visual-based products.

Video games inspired my artist son to undertake his writing see Chapter Thirteen. He decided he could do better, so at age 11 he sat at the computer and began a well-written descriptive narrative of the game he loved.

What these novels had in common was the visual detail he wanted to bring to the story writing process. Therefore, any writings or drawings of even mythical depictions were meticulously historically researched to bring added credibility to his creations.

I remember when all the card crazes ignited. My artist son created his own card games using visual images from computer and video games as inspiration while adding carefully researched details.

Inspiration for Computer Programming. Compare the visual inspiration gained by my artist son to the focus of my builder son toward puzzling out the spatial nature behind the creation of computer and video games.

Video games a curse or a blessing psychology essay

My builder son clocked as many hours playing these types of games over the years as his artist brother. Instead of looking at the visuals in the games, he contemplated the creation behind the games as he played.

My theater son enjoys the inspired fodder found through video games, computers, and other visual media such as movies and television.

Sometimes he also looks for other resources around the house, with or without permission, to recreate through costuming what he experienced. When we value visual media, there are diverse positive outcomes, particularly as a creative outlet for a right-brained learner. Pictorial images can be collected for use when translating images into symbolic representations.

Inspiration can be garnered for visual detail for other subject areas. Visual media can provide fodder for career options, or it can allow opportunities to try on diverse roles. Balance As noted, I highly value the benefits of video games and other screen media. At the same time, I witnessed over the years, whether with my children or myself or those I observed, that striving for balance is important.

If you help your child stay tapped into their emotional intelligence, they are well aware of feeling out of balance for themselves.

Here is a fascinating opportunity where children in the longest known democratic school came to their own conclusions that video games and other screens needed to be balanced: I came to Summerhill School 12 years ago. We still had VHS tapes; a few staff had mobiles. We had a small computer room that was internet connected via cable.

Film nights were a big deal, a community event. Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons. The speed of change is breathtaking. Young kids now are practically born with I-pads and DS games and X-boxes and films on demand, mobile phones and wifi … and so the school has had to deal with this and what it means to individuals, to community, to free choice learning and lessons.

The Summerhill meeting people 7 years to 66 has discussed and wrestled with many issues regarding this cultural change, trying certain laws, changing them, dropping them, making new ones and so on as we worked together on the problems and advantages of modern culture.

Kind of a good thing for young people to be deeply engaged in I should think. It was quickly seen as a serious mistake … the children soon decided that many of them found it a real struggle to break away from screens even if they wanted to, that many parents would ultimately not send their children to a school where students could only be found glued to computers all day, that the government would be on us like a pack of wolves; in general, they concluded that it was badly messing up the sense of community and free play and doing that the community cherished.

Breaking the law generally brings a voted upon 24 hour screen ban.

Video games a curse or a blessing psychology essay

With our laws, the children play, run about, climb trees, ride bikes, engage in projects and also freely chosen formal learning, make wooden swords and bows and arrows and run off into the woods.WASHINGTON - Songs with violent lyrics increase aggression related thoughts and emotions and this effect is directly related to the violence in the lyrics, according to a new study published by the American Psychological Association (APA).

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myself as a writer essay; internet a curse or blessing essay; dissertation manchester binding. help solving math problems; essay doc;. Feb 28,  · Abstract. Science is a great discovery of human quest for truth. I think science is both, curse and blessing.

We can call it a blessing when it has positive effects on us e.g. providing medicines for healing of we may state it a curse when it has negative effects towards society e.g.

destructive weapons. Jan 31,  · A look at the idea that video games can be teaching tools in order to help students understand subjects better.

Video Games Should Be Taught In School.

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