Through a detailed analysis of a rakes progress

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Through a detailed analysis of a rakes progress

India — a steel giant in the making Posted 09 January Analyst View profile India has all the makings of becoming the driving force of the global steel industry.

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As China cuts steel capacity, India could be stirring for rapid acceleration in growth, but obstacles remain. Although there is a rationale for India to scale-up its steel making capacity, we discuss the impediments faced by the country that will make this journey challenging.

Bureaucratic roadblocks to project implementation, credibility of government mandates and incentives and supply chain management of key raw materials are some of the major challenges discussed. Alongside this, we also look at the signs of progress observed in recent times.

However, it is noteworthy that, despite the hurdles India faces, it has managed an average steel production growth of 5. This growth is underpinned by the leading economic growth of 7.

Through a detailed analysis of a rakes progress

India may not be ready to soar, but it can surely run. In addition, the prompt measures taken by the Steel Ministry in recent times show their renewed willingness to support a domestic steel industry and, perhaps, signal their intent. The Ministry is also promptly addressing grievances received from the industry that has led to some key measures, such as: This is a massive jump from the steel consumption of However, the big question is — how will India meet this demand?

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We expect capacity additions through brownfield projects, greenfield projects, inorganic growth i. At present, growth in the Indian steel sector is focused around the organic and inorganic routes possibly because other options are relatively more expensive and challenging to follow through.

The latter has been prompted by the new statutory guidelines that are bringing many stressed assets in the industry under the hammer, leading to consolidation through potential acquisition by existing steelmakers. Organic growth is taking place through debottlenecking investments that should add roughly 10 Mt capacity of additional capacity.

JSPL has already added 3. Plentiful iron ore India has vast reserves of haematite ore that are chiefly mined in the states of Odisha, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Goa.

The industry is recovering from mining bans imposed in for illegal mining that made India a net importer of ore from to and led to the enforcement of mining limits across the sector in accordance with environment norms.

In addition, the Indian government is encouraging backward integration through the auction of expired mining leases to steel mills. Byover 60 Mt of iron ore in Odisha is cited to be under auction due to the expiry of several merchant mining leases.

Integrated producers currently hold a preference for brownfield mines to secure captive iron ore, rather than undergoing the tedious and long process of valuation of a new mine and seeking environment permits; starting production from a new mine takes an average six years.

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In addition to increasing captive ownership of iron ore mines, the government is also looking to provide a pricing formula to ensure more uniform and stable pricing for domestic iron ore. Arshiya Sibia Consultant Metallurgical coal remains an obstacle to overcome Although India inherits vast reserves of iron ore, it lacks availability of the other key ingredient of steelmaking — coking coal.prints, with introductions and comments on each by Sean Shesgreen (including the Rake’s Progress sequence).

And there is a lot going on in each of Hogarth’s engravings here expertly explicated. Hogarth's "A Rake's Progress," which first appeared in , commences with a scene in which Tom Rakewell, the series' main character, is attempting to "buy off" a young lady named Sarah Young whom he has, wronged; while he does this, the inheritance left him by his father is being calculated.

Hogart's "Progress": a detailed analysis; Open. prints, with introductions and comments on each by Sean Shesgreen (including the Rake’s Progress sequence). And there is a lot going on in each of Hogarth’s engravings here expertly explicated.

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A. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Through a detailed analysis of ‘A Rake’s Progress’, and considering both form and function, discuss how Hogarth’s work was affected . Based on a detailed analysis of domestic end-use demand, we believe that Indian finished steel demand will reach close to Mt, for which CRU’s forecast of crude steel capacity of Mt would be sufficient.

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