Thanks to my hardworking father

I also think you are very funny. My favorite thing is when me and you play football.

Thanks to my hardworking father

Growing up, you could always make me feel special. I even recall with a smile the breakfast on that family vacation after the night I got in big trouble; I was worried when we sat down, but left knowing I was loved despite questionable judgement. Me and my Dad in — Thanks to my hardworking father haircut shows it.

You did it sparingly so I knew it was always genuine. It still means everything to have your approval and I glow in your praise. It matters to me that you see me as a good mom and wife, it matters to me that you care about and take an interest in the things I do and the work I pursue.

Thanks to my hardworking father

I am lucky to have had your tough rules and guidance and I can appreciate your mostly fair judgements calls, a few I could still debate. You see math so naturally, and everything mathematical is a challenge to me so the combination often caused frustration for us both.

I can laugh now at those teary tutorial sessions and I can thank you for pushing me to stick with my business degree and to get through all that painful upper level calculating and accounting. Later, when I got married, you pulled Nick right into the family as another son.

My dad and my husband, friends.

After each of my babies was born, you were there. As I became a mom, and a mom again and again, I still needed my own dad and mom by my side.

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Thank you for being there. I base so much of what I do as a parent on how you and Mom raised us. When I find myself in a new parenting situation or wondering how to handle something with our kids, I think back and refer to my upbringing. Often that helps me find the answer or helps me put things into perspective.

I could not be more grateful that my kids are growing up to know you and love you. It makes me so happy that you have the relationships you do with them. Thank you for guiding them as you did me.

Thank you for treasuring them, spoiling them, helping them and kicking them in the butt when they need it, just like you did for me. Thank you for suffering through hours upon hours of talent shows, concerts, choruses, games, and plays to see the kids for their few moments.

As an adult, I still turn to you for advice and support in so many things. We may not always agree on things, but I respect your input and experience and I want to know your opinions. Thank you for working so hard and giving me a good life.

When I look back on my childhood, I feel nothing but gratitude and love.

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I always knew I was loved. You and Mom gave us the gift of confidence and self-love and those are invaluable no matter where we go in life. Thank you for the experiences and education you provided. Thank you for building a solid, happy family for us and for teaching us to stand up for ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to set goals and to strive for more.

Thank you for the mistakes you made for those taught us lessons, too. Love, Leah [I realized in searching for photos for this post that I have pictures with Nick and my dad, with my mom and my dad, with my kids and my dad … but so few I could find with ME and my dad.

My Dad votes every day!Ponch 😘my love the sacrifice you make for-us, for our family you’re such a incredible man! Find this Pin and more on Quotes by Andrea Savage.

So thankful for my boyfriend's hard work, and the sacrifices he makes to provide for a good life. Jun 16,  · Or, if he's gone, as my father is, at least give a prayer of thanks to God that you had the dad you did. (This commentary is re-aired from June 13, ). From alphabetnyc.comtion: Christian Post Guest Columnist.

I wanted to say a big “thank you” to him for being such a great dad. If you take one thing away from this story please let it be that, if you are in a position to do so, you should take the time and make the effort to treat your closest friends and family.

Thanks to my hardworking father

Aug 25,  · I want to thank you for the times that you let me see you cry, so I could understand that when my friends told me that "boys don't cry," they weren't telling the truth.

Jose Quiles Prof. J. Robinson Eng F80 August 06, Thanks to My Hardworking Father It is very fortunate for a kid to have his father around. Letters To Dad. Cassidy Plourde or the food you place on the table but somehow when I sit back and think about how truly thankful I am to have you as my father those things barely scratch the surface.

Thanks to you, I know all the lyrics to every Joy FM song! You were my softball coach and I didn’t really like that, because you got on.

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