Tcs online written test papers

If two pencils cost 8 cents, then how much do 5 pencils cost? Some work is done by two people in 24 minutes. One of them can do this work alone in 40 minutes. How much time does the second person take to do the same work?

Tcs online written test papers

Capgemini Placement Papers Section wise details: Capgemini Placement Papers pattern Quantitative Aptitude The Quantitative Aptitude section of Capgemini Placement papers will assess your problem solving and analytical skills.

You will have to solve 16 Questions. The questions in Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Section are of a higher level and generally are time-consuming.

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You might also find a few DI based questions. The ultimate strategy in Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Section that you need to follow is to maintain your cool and calm. Capgemini Placement papers pattern Reasoning Ability The Reasoning ability section of Capgemini placement papers will check your reasoning skills.

You will have to solve 16 questions. The questions in Capgemini Reasoning paper are generally of a higher level and are time-consuming too. You may find questions in the form of sets also. Therefore, the main strategy in Capgemini reasoning paper is to solve these questions with full focus and concentration.

You will have to write 1 essay in about words. You will be given 30 minutes to write the essay. Capgemini Placement Papers Recommended Strategy: Capgemini Placement Papers Strategy Quantitative Aptitude In the Capgemini quantitative ability paper, your primary focus should be to solve all the easier questions first.

Therefore, you must try to solve questions. Also, the sectional cutoff of Capgemini quantitative ability paper will not be very high. So, even if you get questions correct, you can clear the Capgemini section cut off.

Therefore, the main strategy to focus on Capgemini quantitative aptitude section is to identify and solve the easy questions only. Capgemini Placement papers Strategy Reasoning In the Capgemini reasoning paper, your main focus should be to solve all the easier questions first.

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Therefore, you should try to solve at least questions. Also, do remember that the sectional cutoff of Capgemini reasoning paper will not be very high. So, try to get at least questions correct and you will easily clear the Capgemini sectional cut-off of reasoning section.

Therefore, the main strategy to follow in Capgemini reasoning section is to identify and focus on these easier questions only.Nov 21,  · TCS Online exam sample paper from TCS open seesame programme Nov 21, Questions: 15 Time: 40 minutes # 1 36 people { TCS Openseesame (Open Seesame): More questions (3) Find the value of (74*74**70*70) pillar temple of Hyderabad.

Round 1: Online Test The online test consists of two sections. Section 1: 10 minutes written ability test.

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Placement interview questions and answers If I have to compare the best with the worst I would mention that the best formal electronic mail appeared in my email inbox was very clear,concise and courteous. After all, if it's formal it bears an important news which must be notified to you and depending on which you would take further actions.

The candidate is asked to compose an email using a given outline. TCS and Campus Hiring Question Pattern 6 months ago Copy URL. TCS Campus Hiring Process - .

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The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the results for the online tests conducted towards recruitment in the engineering, arts and science stream of candidates. The written test was conducted as on 8 th March and 9 th March respectively.

TCS Placement Papers. Download updated TCS Placement Papers with solutions pdf from here for your aptitude Written Exam/Email Writing and Interview and practice through TCS Placement Papers, you can easily find out how much you score in TCS Recruitment Exam So, don’t wait any more and get best collection of Placement Papers of TCS through this single page.

Important: Hi, as TCS changes their sets occasionally, some people may not get questions from the following sets. But we have observed that even in off campus, 8 questions came directly from the following sets.

If some one like claims that you get 80% questions from their sets, it is a questionable claim. TCS Written Ability - Practice Test Using the following phrases,Write an e-mail Thank You for the Interview. Tips for Tackling Your Essays and Papers; Timed Writing: Techniques for Success Written Ability - TCS campus Recruitment Exam new About Me.

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Tcs online written test papers

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