Sudan case study drought

The rains failed in in Kenya and Ethiopia, and for the previous two years in Somalia.

Sudan case study drought

The rains failed in in Kenya and Ethiopia, and for the previous two years in Somalia. As a result, cereal prices rose to record levels while livestock prices and wages fell, reducing purchasing power across the region.

Indeed, the majority of climate model s had predicted a long-term increase in rain for this area. On 7 JuneFEWS NET declared that the crisis was "the most severe food security emergency in the world today, and the current humanitarian response is inadequate to prevent further deterioration".

Developing country governments are embarrassed about being seen as unable to feed their people. Oxfam also charged several European governments of "wilful neglect" over the crisis.

Much greater long-term investment is needed in food production and basic development to help people cope with poor rains and ensure that this is the last famine in the region.

Sudan case study drought

According to Luca Alivoni, the head of FAO -Somalia, the food crisis in Somalia has primarily affected farmers in the south rather than the northern pastoralists since farmers often stay behind on their land plots to "protect their crops", while herders move with their livestock to pastureland.

Later in the month, the UN further updated the figure to 12 million, with 2. On 3 August, the UN declared famine in three other regions of southern Somalia, citing worsening conditions and inadequate humanitarian response. Famine was expected to spread across all regions of the south in the following four to six weeks.

Tens of thousands of southern Somalia's internally displaced people were consequently left out in the cold. In addition, the Kenyan Red Cross warns of a looming humanitarian crisis in the northwestern Turkana region of Kenya, which borders South Sudan.

According to officials with the aid agencyover three-fourths of the area's population is now in dire need of food supplies. Malnutrition levels are also at their highest.


Large herds of elephants and monkeys overran farms in the district's lowland and highland areas, respectively, ruining thousands of acres of crops. However, this was denied by the KWS. The Karamoja region and the Bulambuli district, in particular, are among the worst hit areas, with an estimated 1.

The Ugandan government has also indicated that as of Septemberacute deficits in foodstuffs are expected in 35 of the country's districts. Humanitarian access to rebel-controlled areas had also improved and rainfall had surpassed expectations, improving the prospects of a good harvest in early The UN also announced that the famine in southern Somalia was over.

Except for the Juba region, where damage from flooding and limitations on trade have kept cereal prices high, the above average harvest has led to a substantial drop in overall cereal prices in the south's vulnerable regions.Case Study Summary Sheet for the Horn of Africa Drought including Sudan, South Sudan and parts of Uganda, were also affected by a food crisis.

CIA Fact Box – Ethiopia (worst affected country) Need To Know. the worst case of drought in the Horn of African for over 60 years. Preparation – see this article from. Introduction. It is a shame that in the twenty first century, a century heralded by great advances in technology and developed economies that drought and famine still persists in some parts of the world.

Sahel Drought Case Study - IB/AP Geography. Covers parts of Senegal, southern Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, southern Algeria, northern Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, northern Ethiopia and Eritrea; Annual rainfall is mm in the north and mm in the south on average; The facts and figures of Sahel.

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· The Sahel is a region stretching from one side of Africa to the other just south of the Sahara desert. · It includes countries like Sudan and Ethiopia. What is a famine? It is when there is so little food in a country or region that people starve to death.

Sudan case study drought
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