Role of man in protecting our environment

Arianna Pittman February 12, Coral reefs are vibrant, diverse ecosystems that serve as home to 25 percent of marine species, including 4, species of fish. Unfortunately, environmental changes like rising ocean temperatureschanges in ocean pH, and the presence of litter and toxins are placing stress on these strong, yet vulnerable structures.

Role of man in protecting our environment

October 15, at 9: Trent Franks; and 3 adding effective redundancy and fault tolerance into the grid in new ways.

Agriculture at a Crossroads - Business as Usual is Not an Option! Early awareness[ edit ] Levels of air pollution rose during the Industrial Revolutionsparking the first modern environmental laws to be passed in the midth century Early interest in the environment was a feature of the Romantic movement in the early 19th century.
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Regarding 1 — EPRI was rightly concerned that too much public discussion of specific concrete vulnerabilities might be used by terrorists themselves, and I still wince when I think of the guy in OSTP who made himself famous and got promoted by leaking one of the holes; I hope that key folks in Congress have private discussions about such holes.

Re 2 — it amazes me how little has been done yet, despite a VERY clear business case, a strong bipartisan vote for the Shield Act in the House, huge solid public documentation, and a book by Newt Gingrich trying to popularize the cause.

Still, people can be endlessly creative about finding shallow excuses for burying their heads in the sand, so I will give some details below. Much of the hope for the latter has evaporated in recent years, due to vested interests and ostriches in Washington.

Since these comments are too broad and undocumented to be useful, please forgive a few of the details — can do more if people are interested.

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It could happen tomorrow, or wait another years, and we have no basis for assuming the best. Jim Woolsey spoke out strongly in favor of the full Kappenman fix at the meeting. The discussion of portable EMP weapons has been less public, but no less serious. House people from both parties were deeply baffled at why a bill which commanded such a huge majority in the House just disappeared altogether in the Senate.

Even they were reduced to multiple speculations, like folks who look for The Truth on TV talk shows. John Houston of Houston Light and Power I forget its new name discussed some of the politics within the electric power community, and some folks speculated that a few ivory tower lobbyists supposed to represent that community may have mindlessly persuaded friends in the Senate to quietly prevent real discussion of the issue in the Senate.

But in discussions in the IEEE-USA energy policy committee whose listserv reaches very fartechnical people were very skeptical that isolation would really happen, enough to avoid major costs — and isolation with present hardware would already have major costs.

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Oh for the old days of open dialogue and full public involvement! I really love some of the advanced technology possibilities for better warning on solar flares.

But it is premature to depend on it too much, especially since support for new technology in DC has a way of morphing into old technology from old vested interests, not always, but in most cases.

The story on new technology for redundancy is equally long, and less politically correct, so perhaps I should withhold most of the details for now.

Here are a few test examples of what one might gain.

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But perhaps it is just as well, and perhaps it is too late anyway. Still, some of these changes would be needed in order to enable as many rooftop solar systems or PHEV as many of us hope for.

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Distributed generation provides a level security and resiliency that central power stations find hard to match. When distributed generation is in the form of CHP, it . Latest environmental news, features and updates.

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Role of man in protecting our environment

What are the challenges for protecting the U.S. electric grid from physical attacks? Do CIP standards go far enough or are additional regulations needed? Stewardship of the earth: Politicians typically seek solutions with their own interests in mind. Faith groups, on the other hand, focus on helping the vulnerable populations most.

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