Republic vs empire

So naturally, when i started swtor, I became a Jedi Knight.

Republic vs empire

Revenge of the Sith. The crisis on Naboo allows Palpatine to be elected Chancellor. This conflict allows Palpatine to remain in office long after his term as Chancellor officially expires.

Palpatine promises to return his powers to the Senate once peace and order is restored to the galaxy. His first order is to create an army of clone troopers resulting in the construction of a massive military.

Republic vs empire

He takes advantage of the conflict to increase his political power, and by the time of Episode III, he is effectively a dictator. The Jedi begin to distrust the Chancellor's motives, fearing he has come under the influence of a Dark Lord of the Sith named Darth Sidious. Palpatine insists to the Jedi that the war, and thus his emergency powers, will continue until CIS leader General Grievous is killed.

Their concerns are shared by several Senators, who suspect Palpatine may not return his emergency powers to the Senate as promised. The film eventually reveals that Palpatine and Sidious are one and the same, and that he has been manipulating Republic vs empire Republic and the CIS against each other.

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Windu then leaves with three other Masters to arrest Palpatine, instructing Anakin to remain at the temple. Mace Windu, with a cadre of Jedi, enters Palpatine's office and declares that he is under arrest for crimes against the Republic, and that the Senate will determine his fate.

Palpatine dispenses with his false modest persona and reveals his power-hungry nature, retorting "I am the Senate! Palpatine produces a lightsaber and quickly dispatches all but Windu. When Anakin arrives, Windu is standing over the disarmed Palpatine, prepared to strike. Anakin intervenes on Palpatine's behalf by cutting off Windu's lower arm, disarming Windu and allowing Palpatine to send Windu plunging to his death with a blast of Force lightning.

Anakin then submits to the dark side of the Forcebecoming Palpatine's third Sith apprentice, Darth Vader. Palpatine declares the Jedi to be traitors and enemies of the Republic, and issues Order During the creation of the Clone Army, Palpatine ordered Jedi Master Syfo-Dyas to instruct the Kaminoans to implant a fail-safe chip into the clones, with a code embedded that allowed them to turn on their Jedi commanders, allowing for the commencement of Operation Knightfall.

Led by Darth Vader, the Grand Army of the Republic, who once took orders from the Jedi, all but exterminate the Jedi Order in a massive galaxy-wide slaughter.

Secure in his power and position, Palpatine reorganizes the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with himself as Emperor for life. Obi-Wan defeats Vader and leaves him for dead, but Yoda's duel with Palpatine ends in a stalemate and he is forced to flee for his life; both Jedi are forced to go into exile.

Grievously wounded, Vader is rescued by Palpatine and fitted with cybernetics and a black suit of armor with a life support system, which he will wear for the rest of his life. Padme's children, with their mother dead and their father a Sith Lord, are placed into adoptive families until the time is right for the Jedi to reappear in the galaxy and overthrow the Empire.

He retains the emergency powers that had been voted to him in Attack of the Clones, allowing him to rule for decades under what amounts to martial law. Lord Darth Vader is the Emperor's second-in-command and his ruthless chief enforcer, greatly feared throughout the galaxy; a command from Vader is to be considered a command from Palpatine.Roman Republic vs Empire.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Rome was first a republic before getting converted into an empire. This might appear to be paradoxical to some as becoming a republic is a process that usually starts from autocracy.

Apr 03,  · What made swtor great was the republic versus empire in the core game, and the internal conflicts you explored, it was awesome. While the end game systems have improved, the story itself was good for the theme, but the theme in my opinion sucked.

Republic vs empire

Jan 12,  · The republic follows one set of morals and the empire follow another. However the Sith inside the empire are followers of the dark side and they are evil. They crave power and all . Republic vs Empire. Republic and empire are words that are used for nations and groups of nations respectively.

The most classic example of republic and empire is that of Roman republic and Roman Empire while there have been innumerable empires in world history with British Empire being the most influential in reach and spread. Roman Republic vs Roman Empire study guide by dphamd includes 20 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. One of the differences between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire that followed it was the former republic's inability to manage the huge amount of territory that it had acquired.

The Roman Empire, however, was able to control Rome's holdings, and remained more effective at stifling civil.

Republic vs Empire Expansion