Paid domestic wok essay

History[ edit ] The evolution of the kitchen is linked to the invention of the cooking range or stove and the development of water infrastructure capable of supplying running water to private homes. Food was cooked over an open fire. Technical advances in heating food in the 18th and 19th centuries changed the architecture of the kitchen. Before the advent of modern pipes, water was brought from an outdoor source such as wellspumps or springs.

Paid domestic wok essay

Paid domestic wok essay

The running of a home, far from being just simple chores, has been and remains one of the bedrocks o The running of a home, far from being just simple chores, has been and remains one of the bedrocks of a functional society. Without the work of a homekeeper, other family members would not be free to go to work and invest in a career for themselves.

This would harm the family structure and the Paid domestic wok essay. The importance of this role means that the home labourer is entitled to some compensation. If the work had to be provided at market rates the cost would run to hundreds of billions of pounds or dollars a year.

Whilst the essentialness of work can sometimes influence the amount it is paid, it is by no means the only variable we use in society and the market. Look for example at how nurses and doctors are paid compared to footballers. And the proposition admits themselves that the work is done, and has always been done this way, so it's not as if a failure to pay homekeepers will mean a crash in the amount of work carried out.

As such there is no threat of economic problems. It is merely a case of entitlement, and there seems to be little grounds for that.

Society should always try to reward its citizens for vital work in some degree at least. Under a capitalist system the value of goods and services is recognised in financial terms, so a wage would recognise the important contribution of homemakers.

As well as being important, housework is physically taxing, time consuming and in balancing the needs of a household, a relatively specialised task. These features are all valued highly by the marketplace, and it is a pure accident of history that homekeepers have not been included in this.

The key fact about homekeeping is that even if it is hard work, and demanding - it is voluntary. Charity work can be taxing and specialised, but society recognises this does not require payment either. The entrance into a marriage or relationship implies a similar voluntary attitude towards the work that must be done to sustain it as with those who work unpaid for charities like Oxfam.

No-one knows for sure what they are signing up for upon entering a marriage or relationship. The circumstances of a family can change dramatically over time so one member may end up doing work they never expected.

If so, then their work may be voluntary in the sense they are not physically coerced, but it is not a situation they previously gave any consent to. If business partners sign a contract which circumstance means is no longer representative of the work they do, then the partners should have a right to re-negotiate.

It is the same with a partner in a relationship. Even if every future contingency is not planned upon the entrance to a marriage or relationship, what is agreed is that any changes will be discussed and mutually agreed.

Paid domestic wok essay

This is the fundamental part of the marriage or relationship contract. As long as this happens then the homekeeper has no grounds for complaint, unless there is physical coercion, which is illegal anyway. In these and other cases the option of exiting the relationship is always available too — divorce laws now make vastly improved provision for women in such situations.

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Firstly, physical coercion is still regrettably common in the home, and rarely reported when it exisSometimes, they shared apartments with "night sleepers", unmarried men who paid for a bed at night. The kitchen in such an apartment was often used as a living and sleeping room, Domestic (or residential) kitchen design is a relatively recent discipline.

The ding was developed into the wok . May 08,  · Watch video · Should Prostitution Be a Crime? though most estimates suggest that the majority of trafficking victims are forced into domestic, agricultural or construction work.

The abolitionists wanted to. An emerging issue in work-life balance literature concerns the role of gender and the problems associated with achieving a balance between paid work and domestic responsibilities.

While gender itself is an unclear factor, the socially constructed perception of the female homemaker has made this a significant variable.

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Patriots Pen Essay Contest; Voice of Democracy Essay Contest Nor can be obtained if: The financial hardship cannot be caused by: Civil, legal or domestic issues, misconduct, or any issues that are a result of spousal separation or divorce.

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