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Math sample

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This position was that a high school calculus program may work either to the advantage or to the disadvantage of students depending on the nature of the students and the program. Today, it seems necessary to mention the negative possibilities first.

A high school calculus program not designed to generate college calculus credit is likely to mathematically disadvantage students who go on to college.

Math sample

This is true for all such students whose college program entails use of mathematics skills, and particularly true of students whose college program involves calculus. High school programs of this type tend to be associated with curtailed or superficial preparation at the precalculus level and their students tend to have algebra deficiencies which hamper them not only in mathematics courses but in other courses in which mathematics is used.

The positive side is that a well-conceived high school calculus course which generates college calculus credit for its successful students will provide a mathematical advantage to students who go on to college.

A study by the Mathematical Association of America identified the following features of successful high school calculus programs: A choice of mathematics options is available to students who have completed this sequence at the start of their senior year. A variety of special arrangements exist whereby successful graduates of a high school calculus course may obtain credit at one or another college.

A generally accepted method is for the students to take the Advanced Placement Examinations of the College Board.


Success rates of students on this exam can be a good tool for evaluation of the success of a high school calculus course. The algebra objectives represent a substantial portion of the objectives of traditional high school algebra courses. The imbalance of test objectives can be explained in part by the nature of the entry level mathematics courses available at most colleges.

The first college mathematics course generally will be either calculus or some level of algebra. A choice is usually based on three factors: One reason for the emphasis on algebra in this document and on the test is that virtually all college placement decisions involve placement into a course which is more algebraic than geometric in character.

Still, there are reasons for maintaining a geometry course as an essential component in a college preparatory program. Since there are no entry level courses in geometry at the college level, it is essential that students master geometry objectives while in high school.

High school geometry contributes to a level of mathematical maturity which is important for success in college.

LOGIC Students should have the ability to use logic within a mathematical context, rather than the ability to do symbolic logic.

The elements of logic which are particularly important include: Recognition that a general statement cannot be established by checking specific instances unless the domain is finitebut that a general statement can be disproved by finding a single counter example.

This should not discourage students from trying specific instances of a general statement to conjecture about its truth value. Moreover, logical thinking or logical reasoning as a method should permeate the entire curriculum.MATH 20 SAMPLE QUESTIONS. The following questions are a small sample of the material covered in Math You will find the answers at the bottom of the page.

Our GED Math Practice Tests each consist of between ten and twelve problems. They are organized both by concept and as random assortments of GED Math questions, so you can either work on a particular topic or answer questions drawn from a wide range of potential topics.

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