How to start off writing a conclusion anchor

Something to consider when using two anchors off your bow, you want to position them so the imaginary straight line between them is perpendicular to the wind.

How to start off writing a conclusion anchor

While we read the book, we checked off facts that were already on our chart, corrected some misconceptions, and added facts to the lower half.

After reading, we added even more facts to the bottom portion to round out our understanding. That was all in one day. Day 1 was focused on gathering facts. You can read more about how we gather facts on Day 1 of our formal writing units in this blog post.

Organizing Our Writing We created 4-square prewriting organizers. We basically folded a piece of paper in half, wrote a topic sentence in the final square and wrote facts from our graphic organizer.

I had students list what bats look like, how they hunt or eatand how they live in three different squares. I helped them out by color coding the circle map. You can see the colors in the picture above. All the green squares were how bats looked and fit into the first square.

Bats: Nonfiction Writing for Second Grade

The same for the other squares. The color coding helped students organize their thoughts.

how to start off writing a conclusion anchor

This was the first time we had done somewhat formal instruction on how to write an expository paragraph and I needed to make it as simple as possible for students. Start Our Rough Drafts We also started our rough drafts on the second day.

I gave students the topic sentence and conclusion. The rest of the sentences they created from the bulleted list on their graphic organizer. Students did an awesome job! You can see my corrections above. For some students, I also used this as an opportunity to start teaching them how to combine two shorter sentences to make longer sentences.

I needed to pull that concept out into a formal lesson with the whole group, but this was a good introduction to that process. I can definitely use some of their own writing here to model and practice the concept in the coming weeks. It was perfect for this application.

I have a series of blog posts about it. This writing about bats sets a good foundation for our future work. Do you do any writing about bats or other creepy animals during the month of October? This Animal Article includes a two-page article with color photos, a one-page article with only text, QR codes and a fact sort.Expository conclusion statements - or, a great way to START a "Bell Ringer" writing activity!

image only. Expository conclusion statements - or, a great way to START a "Bell Ringer" writing . Aug 21,  · Blasting Off A Great Year (with No, David!) Thursday, August 21, One of my favorite books to start the year off right in primary grades is the David books by David Shannon!Author: Responsive Literacy.

The process of writing an essay usually begins with the close reading of a text. Of course, the writer's personal experience may occasionally come into the essay, and all essays depend on the writer's own observations and knowledge.

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Students start with three paragraphs written by three different students. Writing Process 39 tion and a conclusion. Why not? The paragraphs you have are inde- body paragraphs will depend on how many paragraphs you have to. Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing. Lesson Plans for Teaching Writing.

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