Guided writing and shared writing activities

Reading and Writing in English Classes One of the many features of middle and high schools, and one that has significant instructional implications, is the fact that teachers and their adolescent students do not spend the entire day together. In elementary school classrooms, teachers integrate their reading and writing instruction while teaching content. Although specific periods of the day are set aside for reading and language arts in elementary school, the focus and strategies used throughout the day and curriculum and can be more cohesive.

Guided writing and shared writing activities

Meet with two small math groups Whole group lesson. Here is a more detailed break down of my week: This my be something with the calendar or the hundreds board. Then I usually teach the kids a some sort of math game. I show the students how to play the game and then allow the students time to pair up and practice playing the game.

While students are playing, I wander around trying to help or reteach how to play the game. It is a great way to see how the students think and how they interact with others.

After we practice the game I call kids back to their seats and they take some sort of assessment. Usually it is a preassesment that I use to see what kids know so I can put them into groups. It is just something I make up.

Usually four questions about what I am going to teach. When I am in the middle of a unit, then it is a assessment to see what I taught recently and I grade it to see what I need to reteach.

I have created longer assessments, that cover the whole unit. However, this takes longer for the kids to take and I have less time for the game.

Support for Implementation

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- I teach some sort of minilesson. This can be something with the manipulatives, calendar or hundreds board. I haven't really mastered this part yet!

I am still working on this!

guided writing and shared writing activities

Then we break into small math groups. Students are divide into different groups, depending on how students did on the preassesment from Monday.

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Sometimes I can do three groups, others I need four groups. I pull a group. I spend about 20 minutes with the first group and then another group comes to the table. The other students then switch to playing math games or seatwork. Friday-I am trying to get in an exemplar every Friday.

So far this school year, I have done one, but I think I am more on a schedule now. I also try to give end of unit assessments on Fridays.

Exemplars are heavy duty word problems that my school has purchased. Planning and Organizing Planning This is an area I am still learning.

This weekend I came up with this planning sheet. I am hoping it will help me keep my math groups and planning organized and contained to one sheet of paper! I just created it, so I am not sure how well it will work!!!

Planning Sheet I am hoping that this one sheet will last the whole week. The very tops will have all the information for who is in a certain group. The table on the top will be the list of rotations through seatwork, centers and groups.

The bottom half will help keep my organized as far as what I am doing in the small groups. The one thing I would like to add is a section to write what I am doing each day in whole group.

I have have to work on this!In Chapter 2 we explore the role that teachers of the content areas (including science, music, math, art, social studies, and physical education) play in adolescent literacy. Background.

Schedule. Planning and Organizing. So, What is Everyone Else Doing?

Guided Math Groups

Math Games and Activities. Guided Math Presentation. Guided writing lessons are intensive, small-group activities that help create instructional support and interaction between teacher and students during writing. Young writers need instruction.

They do not improve their writing skills simply because teachers require them to write (Englert, ). Guided reading is 'small-group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency'.

The small group model allows students to be taught in a way that is intended to be more focused on their specific needs, accelerating their progress. Qualities of strong writing instruction.

In order for teachers to support all students' writing ability development, certain qualities of the writing classroom must be present.

Guided Writing, Shared Writing and Independent Writing Guided writing can be focused at whole text level, sentence level or word level. It will usually follow on from shared writing and will be tailored to the needs of each group.

A writing session may begin with the teacher model-.

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