Excellent extended essays art

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Excellent extended essays art

This blog is meant as a place of inspiration, ideas and information for those completing the IB visual arts program.

Thursday, 21 February Visual Arts and the Extended Essay Before getting into the actual content of this post, let me briefly introduce myself. I'll be guest-blogging here from time to time upon Clare's request. Moving on, if you happen to be a full, diplomaIB student, as I am, then one of the requirements for the program is the Extended Essay.

Being enrolled in IB Visual Arts gives you what I believe to be a very approachable and interesting subject to consider choosing for your essay. Within the subject of Visual Art there really are endless topics that you can choose to focus on, from the work of a specific artist to an artistic movement, to modern architecture and so much more.

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Picking a topic may have been one of the more stressful decisions I've had to make in regards to IB. It's very hard to commit yourself to one topic for two whole years, especially when you're as indecisive as I can be.

While it is an important decision, try not to stress yourself out about it too much. If you can't think of a topic, don't panic, you never know where inspiration will come from.

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Some suggestions to help with thinking of a topic: Read the news There's always some type of art sparking some type of controversy somewhere in the world, so go read some articles! You never know what you might hear.

Excellent extended essays art

I, personally, focused on art forgery in my essay. I found this to be an interesting combination of an English essay and a History essay and the stories behind paintings and forgers themselves were interesting, giving me a lot to write about. I learned a lot about the workings of the art world, from what really goes on in auction houses to how to successfully create and sell a convincing fake, not that I plan to forge 18th century paintings anytime soon, but it's interesting nonetheless.

So if you're thinking about Art for the subject of your EE, I would highly recommend it. Here are some resources that may be helpful in pinpointing a topic or deciding if you really do want to take on art as your EE subject.50 Excellent Extended Essays © International Baccalaureate Organization 1 To what extent has the design of Federation Square been a success?

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The Extended Project Qualification, or EPQ, is a valuable asset for university applicants. The following structure is a very good, step-by-step method you can use on any ToK essay to excellent extended essay get very high marks.

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Excellent extended essays art

Writing an Amazing Art Extended Essay An extended essay is a 4,word research paper usually completed as a requirement for undergraduate. For undergraduate art students, universities and colleges usually require them to submit an art extended essay on a certain art topic on their area of specialty or concentration.5/5(3).

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