An american childhood excerpt

The following chapter can be found on page Less than a third of those lifetimes have been male, perhaps indicating a required emphasis on the female experience as an integral part of my overall mission.

An american childhood excerpt

Yet, she chose to swim alone, as she had done in her last year at Oberlin, rather than drift into backwaters of low regard and drown in self-pity. He was her muse. A clear mark of the exclusion Edmonia suffered, not one of her boosters in Rome thought to introduce her to the author or to even point him to her gallery of Hiawatha figures right next to his hotel.

For Edmonia, however, she and the rest vanished like butterflies in the wind.

An american childhood excerpt

Only Elizabeth Peabody, back in America and ever loyal, expressed concern about her financial crisis. As a reader of the Commonwealth and seemingly aware of the social gulf between Edmonia and the sisterhood, Elizabeth felt she had to relay her alarm to Charlotte in Rome!

Alas, Charlotte had left Rome in May after finding a lump in her breast. She eventually responded from England with a remarkable sham: The self-taught Margaret had created a memorial portrait of Col.

Shaw in Rome after his death. She must have felt thwarted to find a colored newcomer had swamped the ready market in Boston with the Shaw family blessing. In lateshe returned to Boston for a year and rented the very studio Edmonia had just vacated.

An american childhood excerpt

Longfellow gave her a sitting there. Now Edmonia bathed in crowds of prime retail traffic while Margaret languished in a marginal location.

Margaret also raged against Charlotte Cushman, who had brought her to Rome in Her back to the wall, Edmonia dug in.

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She desperately needed a new sign of success. Capturing the author of her mythic lovers could ease her pain. An excellent portrait might redeem her in Boston, where Longfellow was held in the highest esteem. She put her low status to work. Never introduced, she could scrutinize him on the streets of Rome while remaining as anonymous as a city pigeon.

An American Childhood - Annie Dillard - Paperback

She caught glimpses as he strolled, waited for a carriage, or went to lunch or dinner. She likely stalked him in front of his hotel, down the street, and as he headed for G. Although the man was always fully clothed and wore a fine hat outside, she made him as hatless and bare-chested as the masters of Olympus.

Longfellow was, after all, a member of the modern literary pantheon.

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In the ever-wishful idiom of the day, the depiction could show him as more god than mortal man. Still, she surely longed to meet him. He would leave Rome after Carnival like every other tourist.

In the end, their introduction was by chance, as remarkable as it was humble. There was no mention of the damp rags that must have covered the soft clay. Nor was there much of their conversation. Edmonia likely recognized him as a member of the Longfellow party.

She probably greeted him and asked if she could help. Did she invite him to view the bust and then remove the cloth? Or, was she wily, slipping the cloth away and then silently guiding her prey like a rabbit to a trap?Like Huck's raft, the experience of American childhood has been both adventurous and terrifying.

For more than three centuries, adults have agonized over raising children while children have followed their own paths to development and expression. An American Childhood is a memoir written by Anne Dillard. In the narrative, a middle-aged Dillard recounts her childhood from the age of five through high school, all while growing up in s America.

One of the recurring themes in the narrative is maintaining happiness even in adulthood. By recounting her childhood as a model for building. from An American Childhood 35 Tell about a time when you have thrown yourself completely into an activity.

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